Collaboration | Reflective Statement


I think this project went very well overall. I was put into a group with Michaela and Douy which I was very pleased with as I know they both complete their work to a high standard. Through the pre-production we had a little bit of trouble coming up with a cohesive story that fit the brief well, but as soon as we did, everything calmed down and we were able to get together to do all of the work necessary.

Our group never had any arguments and were always able to calmly discuss any problems we had with where our project was going.

The concept art process was a lot of fun as I turned the blank Moom model into a recognisable Superhero - I think there could have been more added to the models to give them slightly more character, although I feel I got them to a point where they're each recognisable as their comic book counterpart without spending unnecessary time.

I don't usually enjoy animating very much, as I prefer the process of taking my concept art and then modelling it all, but I found that I really enjoyed animating the Flash and Batman scenes a lot, although I do feel that I could have done a better job when Flash is going down the stairs as it feels slightly static at the moment.

After I finished animating my scenes, I creating our 'Making Of'. I think it turned out well as I tried to make it seem like a more professional printed 'art of' book, although I think the general design and placements throughout the document could have been more appealing and engaging - I'll definitely be using more reference material in the future to create a better Making Of.

After this project, I definitely feel that I'd be open to the idea of collaborating for the final project as the whole process of working with a friend and sharing our ideas to make the project better was a lot of fun and a great experience.

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