Collaboration | Set Ideas


Flash Set – A plain staircase with carpeted floor. A boring-looking colour on the wall behind his stairlift, lined with framed posters of him in his hay-day all the way up. Possibly a hallway at both the top and bottom of the stairs? Slippers neatly placed together at the foot of the stairs on carpeted floor.

Batman Set – Plain background during the fast sequence (maybe a room in the background but heavily blurred?) And a normal-looking garage from the outside, on a small road (maybe a cul-de-sac?)

Hulk Set – Top-down of a huge multi-lane highway, packed full of cars. Hulks’ car interior looks quite boring, maybe with a plush toy of the Hulk instead of dice on his rear-view mirror to let viewers know who they’re looking at

Superman Set – Flat land in front of the camera, leading to some trees and multiple tall buildings on the horizon, which Superman will be behind when he’s attempting to fly. When he crashes, he will land on the flat land and skid towards the camera. 

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