@Alan Collaboration | New Idea


With Alan's help, I wrote this overview of our idea, which works significantly better than what we originally came up with. We will now start creating our 3-Panel Comic and recording for the Animatic.

1 - Title Sequence (with epic hero music)

2 – Slow pan down set of house stairs showing corny framed Flash posters on a wall
Cuts to close-up of eyes, looking determined (music continues)
Mid-shot and music cuts out as the Flash starts to go up the stairs extremely slowly in a stairlift

3 – (Fast sequence) Close-up of a pair of eyes as a black mask is quickly pulled down, snapping as it’s released
Close-up of left hand pulling on a glove with a snap
Close-up of right hand pulling on a glove with a snap
Close-up of Batman’s utility belt being clipped around his waist
Close-up of his gloved hand spinning ring of keys around his finger
Close-up of keys going into ignition with a roar of an engine
Mid-shot of garage doors opening, as an old Batman drifts out on a mobility scooter

4 – Mid-shot of the Flash still going up his staircase excruciatingly slowly, with the wall behind him being filled with framed posters of his previous accomplishments (a funny poster of Flash in his hay-day saying something about speed)

5 – Top-down of huge traffic jam, occasionally individual cars jolt forward slightly and try to manoeuvre around (honking, loud music and baby crying can be heard)
Mid-shot of a man in a car
The car jolts forward transitioning to a close-up of Bruce Banner’s face (honking is louder)
His face quickly snaps to the right of the screen
Mid-shot of a woman in her car with a screaming child in the back (hair messy, stuffed toys etc. strewn around)
Close-up of Bruce’s face, with his eye twitching
Bruce’s face quickly snaps to the left of the screen
Close-up of a young person listening to extremely loud music
Return to close-up of Bruce’s face starting to grimace
Bruce starts to turn slightly green and then suddenly puffs up in his Hulk form
Mid-shot to reveal Hulk is filling the interior of the car with his body, making the car bulge
Hulk lowers his head and grunts a sigh

6 – Another mid-shot of the Flash, the exact same shot as #4, except he is further up the staircase, still moving extremely slowly (with same poster about speed in the background)

7 – Distant shot of buildings on the horizon
A silhouette jumps into the air, moves forward slightly and falls to the ground (with a quiet “HEUNNGH” with every jump)
The silhouette makes more attempts (making an exhausted “HEUNNGH” sound), falling every time
The silhouette jumps once more, making the same sound of exertion, and manages to fly off-screen
The flying character hits the ground with a thud in the mid-ground and skids (on his face) until he’s close to the camera
Superman stands up, brushes himself off and jumps off-screen with another “HEUNNGH!”

8 – Mid-shot of the Flash slowly reaching the top of the stairs
He unbuckles and stands up
Close-up of Flash’s bare feet
Close-up of his eyes
Quick close-up of feet again and switch back to eyes
Close-up of slippers at the foot of the stairs (with Flash visible out of focus at the top)
Close-up of a green button being pressed
Mid-shot of the going back down the stairs slowly

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