Invisible Cities Final Image - Esmeralda | Establishing Shot (EDIT)


After the feedback I received from my second-year mentor saying that I should add some more detail to bring the city to life, I created a design for the foreground structure to add some interest as well as added bridges and detail to the background buildings to create some variety.

Original image

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  1. Hi Mike - this is very evocative and theatrical - though I do think you could gently characterise more of the architecture - and maybe think about why the dome element isn't repeated anywhere else in terms of the architecture represented. Esmeralda is characterised by water too and I'm wondering if you might consider some 'uplighting' or bounce light from water that is otherwise below the bottom of the composition - so it rim-lights or accentuates the underside of those tunnels and perhaps tells us a little more about its fabrication? If you were feeling particularly bold, you might consider a blue or green accent colour coming up from below to bring the sense of the water back into this composition; at the moment you're creating a very romantic arid feel - like a desert city - and I think a bold use of accent colour might make this image crackle even more so. I also think that a little bit of bounce-light would be bringing out the details on that foreground dome, perhaps bringing out a sense of decoration? I would look again at the smaller buildings, because right now some of them look ruinous - like damaged components. Perhaps they need a bit more thinking about?

    For examples of punchy use of accent colour/lighting:

    also - why are there two suns?

  2. Nice work Michael! I agree with Phil in the fact that right now its not giving off that 'city of water' vibe, maybe try the lighting idea? or even a change of colour palette? :)