Premise | Uncontrollable Animatic


Scene 1 - Moana - Woman as Carer
Scene 1 demonstrates the expectation to have children, with the act of sailing away being representative of a woman's freedom of choice.

Scene 2 - Katniss - Woman as Prisoner
This scene is used to show how women can often be expected to become housewives, with their homes almost acting as a prison - or a dome.
the frantic attempts at escape in the beginning demonstrate how some women can almost be subdued into becoming what is expected of them.

Scene 3 - Mulan - Woman as Property
This scene portrays the expectation women face to get married and how they are essentially handed from one man (their father) to the control of another (their husband).
The transformation into Mulan represents how women are capable of leading men.

Scene 4 - Furiosa - Objectification of Women
This scene portrays how men can objectify women, while the endless desert is representing the way this objectification can cause a feeling of isolation or separation.

Scene 5 - Ripley - Woman as Mother
In this scene, the Alien queen is used as an embodiment of the pressure women face to have children, while the protagonists destruction being representative of the anger felt towards these outdated expectations.

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