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I still need to model the table for the fruit bowl scene and then render, and I haven't yet started any of the Jetpack Jones tutorials for this term. Over the Easter break, I plan to complete the fruit bowl scene and get at least halfway through the Jetpack Jones list.

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  1. Michael - Can you fix this missing video link please....

  2. Character Design Feedback

    I think you have produced two interesting and charming characters that suit your musical them. Of the two, your hammerhead character is more defined and the head is particularly expressive. I feel the female character needs some further explorations regarding colour and shape and I am not sure they work well together. That said, they are both well executed, capturing the UPA style, and I can easily imagine them dancing through the ocean.

    You environment is similarly well executed, although the vivid backgrounds are a little distracting. Perhaps it would be clearer if the foreground elements, including the characters, were more vivid than the backgrounds as they may be getting lost. I think you storyboards and animation layouts have a lot of life, and are clear and readable. There is a great sense of romance and playfulness which demonstrates your understanding of the themes and styles of this project.

    Overall then, I think you have produced two interesting characters with an engaging narrative. All the elements of the design bible come together help your musical narrative. However I still think its worth revisiting the design of your female character and the environment in the future. - JW

    Note: Michael, change this blog!!!