Fantastic Voyage | Reflective Statement


Overall, I feel that I could have done better for this project. I've had a rough time physically and mentally over the course of this term and it caused me to go majorly off-track. My time management definitely could have been significantly better, as I felt extremely rushed and stressed towards the end, which could all have been averted had I been on top of everything.

I would have liked for my animation to have been more finished, as I think the animations could have been refined, specifically the cells splitting. However, I am quite pleased with the way the Bifrost simulations turned out as I had never gone anywhere near simulations in Maya and had to learn how to utilise it from the ground up, although this did take up a significant amount of time that could otherwise have been used in improving the other aspects of my animation.

While the voice actor isn't well-received by everyone, I think that he worked well with the overall feeling that I wanted from the animation; relaxed and educational. However I do agree that he speaks too slowly at times.

Generally, the whole term could have gone a lot better, but I'm happy with the way the animation turned out and am proud of myself for successfully using liquid simulations which isn't taught in the first year.

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