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Earlier, Jordan showed me some screenshots of 'Dots' by Norman McLaren. I like the look of the dots and the different shapes they form as well as the vivid colours that he used. As an introduction to the cells, I could use shapes like these:

But, to show the process of a cell becoming cancerous and the spread of cancer through the body, I could adapt/transfer them to something more similar to this:

I could use this kind of animation to show the cancer flooding through the body of the victim; destroying and multiplying as it goes, while appealing to an older, more mature audience. I could also focus specifically on prostate cancer or breast cancer to inform young people to be aware and let them know that you can get it while young and, while rare, is typically more aggressive in young people.

Would it be possible to create something like this in Maya?

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  1. Hi Mike - I think you should let your art direction ideas lead the way and then work with Jordan/Simon/Alan to identify the best means of translating those ideas into 3D - you can create hybrid workflows - so 3D models plus animated 2D elements, which might be an easier way (at this level of your experience) to create more fluid or painterly effects. Picture what you want and then figure it out from there.