From Script to Screen | Step Outline (Redo)


Camera shows an advertisement for a play, hammered into a wall, which only portrays the leading woman with a jewelled necklace on

Cuts to ECU of the necklace in front of a photograph featuring an old woman wearing it, then a hand picks it up

CU of actress putting on the necklace, then a knock at the door

Cuts to CU of understudy performing on-stage with actress’ necklace on

CU side-on of detective looking down at the flyer showing the actress wearing her necklace. ECU side-on of the detective looking back up at the stage quizzically

Detective stands and walks away

Cuts to detective walking backstage, past the lead actress’s door and entering the understudy’s dressing room. Just after entering, applause can be heard so detective walks out

CU of detective leaving the room and walking down the hallway; understudy can faintly be seen hiding in the shadows behind him

Cuts to a long hallway with an old door at the end (looks as though it is never used) and detective peaks his head round a corner, looking either side down the hallway then noticing the door. Detective quickly walks out and towards the door

As he walks down the hallway, a silhouette briskly moves in front of the camera

Detective notices padlock on the door for a moment and steps back, kicking a loose nail

Detective looks down and sees the nail beside a floorboard which is slightly pulled up

ECU as detective moves the floorboard and picks up a key

Pure-black shot from inside of the room as a click can be heard and the door creaks open, revealing the actress dead on the floor with her head caved in (detective is silhouetted in the doorway)

ECU of detectives face as he begins to turn at the sound of running footsteps behind him

Cut to black

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