From Script to Screen | Step Outline (Edited)


Camera pans from notice board full of newspaper clippings to Bennett

Bennett hears about latest murder and goes to the Andromeda Theatre

Bennett enters theatre and walks down the aisle to the dead body

Bennett notices the number ‘7’ drawn on the victims’ chest and a padlock pierced through the skin, then checks the back which has ‘Pl.’ inscribed

Bennett talks to himself as he leaves the theatre and remembers Frank Kinney said he would help

Cuts to the morgue as Kinney is reading the last of the padlocks

Bennett writes g7nKis’ then draws a line through it. Then he checks the morgue ledger and rewrites ‘7 Kings’ before adding ‘Pl.’

Cuts to Bennett stepping out of Hansom Cab then pans up to Locksmith’s Shop

Bennett walks up the steps and puts his hand on the door

Screen jumps to black

Bell above the door can be heard ringing, and then the door shuts loudly

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