From Script to Screen | Step Outline (Edited)


*camera shows notice board filled with newspaper clippings, then pans to Bennett putting latest murder file into cold case folder*

Joseph Kane informs Bennett of the latest murder which took place at the Andromeda Theatre

Bennett hurriedly throws his coat and scarf on

Bennett arrives at the Andromeda with police standing guard around the entrance and enters

He steps into the theatre, holding the door open for the leaving 3 Police Detectives (who give him disgusted and quizzical looks as they pass)

Bennett walks down the aisle to the dead body

Bennett takes off his coat and scarf, laying them over a chair on the other side of the aisle, then turns back to the body while pulling up his shirt sleeves past his elbows. He lowers his body to get a better look at the victim who is slouched in the chair, with his head leant over the back

Bennett notices a silver padlock pierced through the flesh on the man’s chest

Bennett pulls on black gloves and gently moves the padlock to see the back

Bennett pulls a pad and pencil out of his breast pocket and jots down the number ‘7’

Bennett throws his coat back on and rushes to the lobby

Bennett uses a telephone and calls Kane

Kane picks up

Bennett asks for info on the other padlock inscriptions

Kane flicks through files and tells Bennett to visit Frank Kinney, the Pathologist

Bennett “You think he’ll help?”

Kane “I’m sure. He seems to have taken a bit of a shine to you”

*cuts to Kinney reading last padlock in morgue*

Bennett writes ''

Bennett reads morgue ledger who writes letters again in correct order: 'Kings Pl.' then adds '7'

*cuts to Bennett stepping out of Hansom Cab*

Bennett looks at locksmiths shop

He calmly walks up the few steps, stops for a moment and puts his hand on the door

*screen jumps to black*

The bell above the door can be heard ringing, and then the door shuts loudly

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