From Script to Screen | Character Notes


1906 | London 

Private Detective James Bennett, 24 (long black wool coat (or suit jacket), mid-tone red scarf, white shirt, dark grey waistcoat, dark grey suit trousers, navy blue tie, mahogany leather shoes, average height and slim, slightly pale with rather pink cheeks, short black hair with a curled fringe, neat black eyebrows, hazel eyes, strong nose, full lips, smooth slightly indented cheeks, strong wide jaw, wears timepiece in vest pocket)

Private Detective Joseph Kane, Bennett’s mentor, 53 (wooden crutch, charcoal suit jacket, white shirt, charcoal waistcoat, charcoal suit trousers, black tie, black slip-on shoes, short and stocky, red-faced, thick grey hair that doesn’t quite lay flat, bushy dark grey eyebrows, brown eyes, weak/flat yet wide nose, small mouth, round-faced, short and fat fingers, relatively small eyes, large grey moustache which curls at either end)

Frank Kinney, Pathologist, 55 (white shirt (rolled up sleeves), navy blue waistcoat, navy blue suit trousers, plain mid-dark-toned purple tie, small spectacles (worn at the end of the nose), black slip-on shoes, tall and sinewy, pale, swept back dark brown greying hair, naturally neat dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes, a relatively large/long nose, small mouth with pursed lips, angular cheekbones, long bony fingers)

Kinney works in the police morgue but helps Bennett when he can. Worked with Kane in the past and got to know Bennett whom he took a shine to.

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