What If? Metropolis - Model | Windows


I have modelled both a high-poly and low-poly version of the window so that the scene is less hardware intensive. I will have the low-poly version on the majority of buildings as they should be far away enough for it to not be a noticeable difference and I will have the high-poly version on the foreground building on the left side of my concept.

I changed the general design of the windows to give them a feeling that better-suited the general curvature of the structures and gave them a design similar to that of a dream-catcher, as was suggested by Lewis Punton.

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  1. I can't tell here if the window-frame elements are geometry or just 'line art' - I think it would be lovelier if they were geometry, as texturally this would give your structures much more 'materiality' and a sense of being 'made' as opposed to 'made in Maya'...

    1. The one on the right has geometry but the one on the left is just textured. I plan to use the one with geometry on closer structures and the textured one to be further away so it's less of a strain on my computer. If you think it would look better, I can just use the one with geometry.

      And you mentioned that you can't tell whether it is actually geometry. Should I change it to make it more obvious or do you think it'd work as it is?