What If? Metropolis - OGR Part 2


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  1. OGR 24/11/2016

    Hi Mike - okay, so 'Greenlight' - with a couple of provisos... I'm still not completely sold on the composition; it still feels unbalanced to me, with the foreground element on the left and only a sliver of building on the right. It might be as simple as moving more of the right-side building into view, so the view between them is more purposefully vignetted? I suggest when you get into Maya and block this set, you explore camera placement etc and offer up some alternate POVs. The current view directs our eye to the floor plane, which is probably the least interesting bit of your world. In design terms, I'd consider looking again at the 'role' of the floor plan and give more thought to where this space is and why all this open space is so important. Can you add further interest/information here?

    Your 'orthographs' are not quite orthographs and not quite production art - but some halfway thumbnail place. Production art should be fully finished, polished elements representative of final designs, while the orthographs are clean, crisp line art - technical drawings. Prior to submission - and certainly prior to modelling them in Maya! - I want to see you resolve these elements accordingly - right now your asset drawings are neither one thing or the other. You might consider using an alternate tool to create crisp technical drawings - so working in Illustrator, for example for this express purpose.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you develop your approach to texturing and lighting (lighting is something your concept art is not describing at the moment), as the organicism of these buildings is going to be communicated as much by their materiality as by their shape. Remember to keep looking at your artist's work, but also at commensurate relationships with actual real world buildings/materials and their fabrication for reference and inspiration.