Film Review | 'King Kong' (1933)


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  1. Hi Michael,
    Another interesting review.. you could perhaps have spent a little more time talking about the innovative production techniques, such as the use of miniatures, matte paintings etc, rather than dedicating quite so much time to the synopsis.
    A couple of pointers on the referencing... you don't need to number the references, the authors name is enough to link you to the correct reference in the bibliography. in the bibliography, the authors' names should be presented alphabetically, so in this case Bigelow, Dirks, Haflidason. If you do not know the date, you should use s.d, so it would read (Dirks,s.d)

    1. I definitely agree with spending more time talking about techniques and less about the synopsis. And thanks a lot for letting me know about the alphabetical layout as well as the s.d, I had no idea how I was supposed to represent an unknown date.