Invisible Cities Thumbnails | Baucis (44-57)


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  1. I'd like to see you 'lighten up' a bit... literally - there is something too Argia about all your thumbnails - maybe think about working on a white canvas and varying the tonal range - it's not that I dislike these at all - it's just they all seem a bit doom-laden and 'Caligari' when maybe some of the cities have a very different feel and atmosphere?

    1. I agree. I've had Caligari on the brain since we watched that and it's influenced this quite a lot despite my original thoughts of this city being quite bright - seeing as it's above the clouds.

      I'll be sure to make adjustments in my next thumbnails

  2. 44 has potential! maybe try expanding that out to show us where the city stems from? that will add character to the city!